Saturday, 16 April 2011

Let x equal x

Theology is an approach to those states of being that are infused with grace. But theology's approach to grace is the very factor which excludes it from such states. Theology is a gracelessness that is bound to, which is beholden to, the graceful.

The predicament of theology also describes the nature of the communist: what we cannot be; what we cannot do; what we cannot support; what we cannot reach; what we cannot belong to. And yet, also: what we will not relinquish; what we will not be untied from; what we watch for; what we are directed towards.

If x is god, and god is the given, and the given is the single fixed value in a problem comprising numerous other variables, then communist theology deploys x in order to approach realised forms of meaning. It understands the other content carried forward by the given form of meaning to be latently related to x and thus  suggestive of the state of grace. The theological turn in communist theory is the turn from Value form critique to Meaning form critique, from the Real Movement of Communism in History to the remote island of the Gemeinwesen.