Thursday, 26 April 2012

An improbability

Just as capitalism dominates the world by the means of its internal conflicts, so the struggle to realise communism never exceeds the struggle against the realisation of bad communism. Kierkegaard neatly describes the unfortunate character of voluntarily instigated transformative events brought about by conflagration, and which we now may as well designate, bad communisation. He describes how 'pious superstition' expects the conflagrational event to consume everything in the town except the church. It considers itself to be above the judgment of the flame, which it supposes is the instrument of its values. However, history teaches the communists that the conflagration never fails to consume the church in which the high ideals of transformation have taken sanctuary – and of the pious hopes that were invested in the process of conflagration, only the prison is left standing.