Friday, 3 August 2012

The Too Easy: a collection of not overly convoluted, not overly worked upon fragments

The two Gandhara Buddhas of Bamiyan lost their masks centuries ago, and in 2001, for ideological purposes, were finally demolished with explosives. However, the carved recesses in which the statues once stood now describe a resonant absence which the iconoclasts cannot annihilate. If they should seek to raze the recesses, then the cliff into which the spaces were carved would serve to commemorate that emptiness. And if the cliff itself were to be leveled, then the suppressed material would only advance further into the relation, as a rubble, as a dust, as an empty space. That is to say, the absent statues will persist in the world until the suppressive agency is itself dispersed – whereupon all terms of the relation will be released.