Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Too Easy: a collection of not overly convoluted, not overly worked upon fragments

Tunguska: a precipitating event of relinquishment, but not of expropriation, lies at the heart of communism. The event must result in something like the cleared space of a crash-site. Immediately, it becomes the location of a last stand staged by survivors against the relentless encroachment of an annihilating, ballardian, jungle. The defined integrity of the cleared space is perpetually jeopardised by a tangle of encroaching green tendrils: of solutions, of answers, of principles, of ideals, of beliefs. Of complication. The impact site, the clearing, the empty space, within which communism is to be permitted, is not itself a problem that is to be solved immanently by communism. The space is enabling of, but separate from, the figure of communism which it supports. The space is always cleared by something else than that which subsequently occupies it. The clearing works like a stage upon which the problems specific to communism (and denied realisation elsewhere) may thereafter appear. No predicament is ever provided with the means to solve itself. However, all problems are permitted to develop their own particular problematic to the furthest extent.  Impossibilist communism is no exception to this – it is another set of unique constraints; all rough edges, corrupt boundaries, fissuring contradictions, hidden flaws, secreted contents. And if the siege of the cleared space is ever to be lifted, if relief should ever come, then it will come from the outside, and will be implemented at a higher level, at one remove. Or it will not come at all.