Friday, 1 March 2013

The Too Easy: a collection of not overly convoluted, not overly worked upon fragments

On the comedy in complaint: the to-and-fro between unhappiness and social organisation is the basic dynamic of society. However, it might appear unfortunate to argue that communism is the perfected form, or even merely the different organisation, of human misery – as this would seem an act of acquiescence before, an offering of succour to, the Marxists and their apologists who have done nothing but enthusiastically weave the term communism into their ideology of existential impoverishment. Therefore, upon second thoughts, and to get at something more ideal, this proposition must take another path: in seeking to ground the possibility of momentary joys, communism in its purist state, and stripped of all pretension, would turn out to be the most contingently adequate means for sympathetically organising the necessity that is human unhappiness. On its third formulation this translates more succinctly: communism is a form of society which is in deep structural agreement with all manifestations of human discontentment.