Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Too Easy: a collection of not overly convoluted, not overly worked upon fragments

Why don’t you do something? In every sphere of existence there is a threshold for attempting to implement change, and thus for involvement in the world. Conventionally, this is called a 'window of opportunity'... which assumes that the chance for successfully connecting a specific behaviour to a desired outcome is constrained by more than the personal capacity to undertake the specific behaviour. The question of deliberate and specific intervention always assumes the possibility of registering a discernible (and desired) difference as the consequence of that intervention – it serves no purpose to make things worse. If action contributes no greater difference than inaction, then the case for undertaking it has not been adequately stated. Was it not written that the flood waters first had to rise to a precise, and yet unknown, measurement before the Ark’s potential for buoyancy could be objectively evaluated?