Friday, 9 May 2014

Half catastrophe living (hyperbolicometer set to 10)

1. For those existences emerging within the confines of the capitalised life-world, communism is the technical term for the condition that is most unattainable by human action. 

2. Communism is more impossible than a return to innocent nature; more impossible than the total destruction of the planet; more impossible than bases on Mars; more impossible than heaven; and it is more impossible than an bio-engineered human hybrid. 

3. Communism’s necessary condition is communising activity but, from within the capitalised life-world, this is absolutely the most inconceivable mode of human activity (any form of self-negation is more conceivable)... communising relations, and its subset of communising behaviours, are unimaginable, they are wholly contrary to human nature.

4. The impossibility of communism has been disclosed historically as a surface tension encountered in the practices of every communist organisation. Where those who are closest to communism are seen to fail to sustain communism’s basic preliminary manoeuvres, it is logical to assume an absence of real world examples. 

5. Perhaps, this merely proves that communists only become truly communist once they have factored into their arguments the odds that have been stacked up by human society against the realisation of communism. Perhaps, they only need to adjust to the reality of the world’s repudiation of communism in order to get over it.

6. Materialism must, at the least, recognise the hierarchy of force, the net, the domain, which enables the formation of its awareness as materialism. Put another way, house rules state that, in the long run, habit beats resolution (habit is activated in moments of weakness as the figure of an invariable defence as return  whilst elective organisation is prone to perpetual inconsistency).  

7. Conservation of the given environment at the level of behaviours, or what is elsewhere called ‘addictive relations’, is a structured last resort, a fail-safe built into the totality at the level of the life-forms’ abject dependency. Return is structured into the form of revolt. 

8. All plague forms and revolutionaries run up against habit as an insurmountable barrier.

9. The tragedy of the oppressed and the violated is not that they always return to the same circumstances, but that historically, more often than not, they are bound to return to what is all too similar: you can run on for a long time...

10. Even for communists, communism should be adopted as the technical term for that which is most unattainable in human society. It is this ‘factoring in’, this orientation to the impossible, which persuades them away from the self-defeating imperatives of ‘practice’ and ‘realisation’. If not in its implementation, then in its necessity, the impossible conditions communism.